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Over the past year we have examined those qualities basic to our service. Since we are in the same shop, working with the same materials, for the same customers, it seems that this would be obvious.

It turns out that we have different ways to describe who we are and what we do. At our core I think we hold many of  the same values and goals but it is challenging to articulate. This is particularly difficult for me since I have seen this business grow for such a long time.

What attracted me to picture framing were the options. Here was a very basic process: joining four pieces of wood together to protect a picture. But from the start I imagined different ways to apply this simple process.

In the seventies there was no formal educational program to teach the standard way of picture framing or starting a frame business. So with great enthusiasm, I explored various furniture, framing and finishing businesses and factories. 

I was attracted to traditional methods used in these crafts  but was constantly considering how to apply them in a new way. That was over 36 years ago and I am still seeking new methods and new ways to apply them. 

I also have grown increasingly aware of the distinct ways in which our artisans approach their work. This exploration has become a critical part of who we are but it can be challenging when trying to deliver a consistent product to our customers.


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