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We are currently offering a variety of samples to our customers. If you see any samples from the selection below or samples from our online catalog you would like in your shop, please contact us. These are a few of our featured samples:

Sample 5217 is constructed with our very popular 757A&B moulding and is accented with our shell compo. The undercoat is black and the leaf is a combination of brass and tarnished brass. The contrast between the tarnished brass and the traditional brass creates a striking appearance that has become one of our most requested finishes.
Sample 5311 showcases our deco carve on our 57-21/8 moulding. The corners are rounded. This sample is leafed with a special brass that is a little more rich in color than our traditional brass and it culminates with our most popular finish: finish 16.
Sample 5207 highlights one of our wider mouldings. It is hand carved on the lip and back of the frame by one of our artisans. It features compo 770 and 353. It has a red undercoat and is slightly distressed.
Our last featured sample is a brand new finish that we are very excited about. It is Sample 5457 and it is on L15-4 moulding. It is accentuated with our 1050 compo. This sample is leafed with brass and is heavily distressed. The distressing has given this sample a dramatic and striking appearance that we think our customers will really enjoy.
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by Brooks Ann

ba first photo.JPG

Much of our business at Frames by Edward Wright comes from local art collectors who want to frame their special collections in unique heirloom quality frames.  Often after a collector orders a frame from us, they are so happy with the results that they come back to us again when they add more art to their collections.

Once a customer starts to trust us with customizing, the true collaboration begins.  Recently, I got an order from one of our retailers who works with a collector that I've customized a few frames for in the past.  He had recently purchased this painting by an up and coming artist while travelling in Paris.  He was thrilled with the frames that we had customized for him in the past and was happy to order a one-of-a-kind Frames By Edward Wright frame for his new work of art.

Our customer consulted with the collector and he chose a few of our samples as inspiration guides for finishes and carves that he liked.  He liked the uniqueness of the finish 233 on our sample #4713.

sample 4713.jpg

This distressed sample features 12K gold with a combed panel.  He requested that the undercoat be changed from black to red.

He told our customer that he wanted a 4-inch custom corner carve.  The carve sample that he was drawn to was the leaf carve on our sample #5159.


With the painting in his possession, our retailer made an appointment to come by our workshop to consult directly with me for this unique order.  I was told that the collector loved the frames I had made for him in the past and that he trusted me to use my expert opinion to create a frame perfect for this piece. 

I was happy to accept the challenge.

I must admit that I was a little confused as to his sample choices for this particular work of art.  Finish 233 is mostly colored with bright yellow clay with raw sienna casein.  The piece didn't really have yellow or raw sienna tones in it at all.

The carve inspiration was also a bit perplexing.  The painting is a very industrial scene, yet the carve features very graceful leaves. 

I decided that since he said that he trusted me, I would use my expert opinion to make some custom changes that will really make the painting shine.

The frame was to be crafted from our SS molding.  I came up with a brand new carve for this molding keeping the painting and the leaf inspiration in mind.  I created a very regular and industrial looking version of a leaf carve to highlight the angular streets, buildings and windows.

ba corner carve.JPG

For the finish, I used the requested red undercoat with 12K gold.  Yet, I changed the raw sienna casein to a custom tan with a hint of purple to bring out the colors of the streets and buildings.  The combing lightly revealed the original yellow underneath.  It was finished with a custom dust color also hand-mixed from colors within the piece.

ba final photo.JPGThe customer loved it and was happy that he trusted me to create this special frame!

What's In A Frame?

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What distinguishes a handcrafted frame?

Closed corner picture frames are the ultimate in framing joinery. Our frames are made 'one of a kind. one at a time' to specific dimensions as specified by our customers. Each of our artisans has years of experience creating frames of fine craftsmanship. This is how it's done...frame2.jpg

The strength of splined joinery

On each mitred frame corner we route a slot and insert a wooden spline. We find the strength of this traditional joinery technique vastly superior to the standard nailed picture frame joint.

Meticulous surface preparation

Each natural wood finish requires scraping and sanding with papers of different grit levels. This attention to detail is critical to reveal the distinctive character of the wood.

The versatility of composition

Available in hundreds of patterns, prepared ornaments can be steamed and applied to our frames. This allows us to create unique frame designs at a reasonable price.

Skilled hand carving

Our highly skilled artisans cut the appropriate ornamentation into the frame by hand.

The ability of gesso surfaces

Traditional gesso is a combination of rabbit skin glue and whiting which can be applied only when warm. The preparation and application of gesso is basic to the overall design of the frame. Areas to be given a highly burnished look must be painted with several coats of gesso and meticulously sanded and polished. We may also sponge or stipple the gesso onto areas that will be matte gilded to add texture and interest.

Custom undercoating

We paint the gesso layers with various colors to compliment the artwork. Depending on the effect desired, these colors may be spattered, stippled or wiped onto the surface.

Unique applications of metal leaf

We apply an oil-based size on the colored surface to accept aluminum, brass, copper or variegated leaf. These can be applied evenly or, for more texture, they can be crushed or cracked over the surface. One of our specialties is the combination of different leaves to achieve a unique iridescence.

The character of tarnishing

We achieve some very interesting results using chemicals that react with copper, brass or silver leaf to enhance aspects of the artwork.

The elegance of genuine gold leafing

First, we brush very thin coats of rabbit skin glue mixed with clay onto the frame. This 'bole' acts as an adherent for the leaf. After the clay dries, our artisans float water onto small areas of the frame to activate the glue, which then accepts the gold leaf. Using a wide squirrel hair brush, thin sections of 12k, 16k, 22k gold or silver are carefully applied.


We create a mirror-like polish on carved or raised areas of the frame by burnishing the gold leaf with the rounded tip of an agate stone.

The art of patination

In patination, we use various finishing techniques to bring together the surface, undercoats and leaf in the way that best compliments the artwork. Patination is a process of reworking the finish through distressing, glazing, rubbing through the leaf, spattering, stippling, sponging on casein and dusting.

(photo courtesy of Gallery C)

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