Case Study: Old-World Framing Meets High Tech

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Frames by Edward Wright recently completed a custom frame which was featured in Carolina Home + Garden magazine. The frame was part of a luxurious condo in Asheville, NC, designed by interior designer Krista Washam LaBlue.

"The homeowner requested that the television set be hidden when not in use -- quite a challenge without introducing an entertainment center. LaBlue's solution was ingenious. A Séura television from CWB Technologies was integrated into a massive mirror over the mantle and surrounded by a custom 6-inch-deep frame by Blackbird Frame and Art."

Such a strong room design demanded a strong frame design. Our client, Blackbird Frame and Art, turned to Frames by Edward Wright. They specified a 5-inch wide moulding, CM-5. We added buildup to make a 6" deep frame that could accommodate the television behind the mirror. A deep cut was added to the top of the frame, for air venting. Tarnished silver leaf provided a subtle, beautiful finish. The result is a versatile technical solution which is simply an elegant mirror frame when the television is not in use.

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